Institut d`Electronique du Sud University Montpellier
Short description of the participating partner organization
The Institut d`Electronique du Sud (IES, Southern Institute of Electronics) of the University Montpellier 2 is an institution gathering 111 permanent researchers and engineers and 61 PhD students. Within IES, a group of 26 researchers and PhD students are involved in the field of mid infrared laser diodes (Quantum Well Edge Emitting Lasers, VCSELs and QCLs). This group owns 2 MBE systems dedicated to the growth of antimonides materials (GaSb, AlSb, InAs and their related compounds), the characterization means to evaluate the quality of the structures and the devices (High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction system, FTIR spectrometer for PL and laser spectra, generators and powermeters for I-V and L-I curves) and the facilities to fabricate laser diodes (equipments for chemical etching, photolithography, metallization).
Contact Person
Yves Rouillard
Phone: +33 467143472