About SensHy
Potential Impact
Potential Impact
SENSHY targets to place Europe at the forefront of research in this field. The European level is essential for obtaining access to the range and quality of personnel, technical expertise and resources required to undertake the present research.

SENSHY is also an appropriate response to strong international competition in this field. Continuing innovation in research is essential to help maintaining the European competitiveness at an industrial level and also to bring some of the most important European component manufacture centers ahead of competition in important emerging markets.

The primary exploitation of the project results will be the future commercialization of the devices developed and investigated within the project. The active involvement of three industrial partners provides several routes to commercial exploitation in the period after the conclusion of the project. The market for gas sensors is of global significance and is rapidly expanding, fueled by new applications based on ever-growing public concerns over such issues as pollution, health and safety at work.
In addition, the academic partners will contribute to the exploitation by the education of engineers and scientists or by the publication of research results in scientific papers and at conferences. By elaborating innovative sensing methods, the SensHy project will also facilitate the introduction of new applications for environmental gas sensing, industrial process control or medical applications. The availability of improved sensing techniques will contribute to the well being and health of the population by e.g. monitoring toxic gas constituents or by detecting leaks and preventing fire hazards.