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Key Objectives
Key Objectives
In order to achieve the goal of the SensHy project, in principle three challenging objectives have to be attained.
  • GaSb based semiconductor material and epitaxial structures for application grade lasers have to be developed for emission in the 3.0 to 3.6 µm wavelength range. The investigated structures include type I quantum well and type II interband cascade structures.

  • Based on the developed semiconductor structures, tunable monomode laser sources for gas sensing will be designed and fabricated. Target performance figures include continuous wave operation at room temperature as well as an extended electrical tuning range.

  • Development of highly sensitive photonic sensor systems for important hydrocarbons making use of innovative signal-processing techniques to allow the identification of various gas constituents within a general hydrocarbon matrix. The application areas include
    • portable system for methane detection meeting requirements of gas distribution industry
    • real-time process control system for aliphatic hydrocarbons such as propene and propane.